Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #143:Cutie Pops Chiffon Style N Pop Create N Swap

  Back to the dolls from my Goodwill hauls. Today we're looking at this Cutie Pops doll.

I swear she was wearing both boot when I bought her. Somehow one of them didn't make it home.
 She's Chiffon,from the Style N Pop Create N Swap series.

My peonies were blooming full blast when I took these.

She's my first Cutie Pops, and I like her way more than I thought I would.

She came with two choices of pony tails,the yarn ones she has,and a set of silky blonde hair ponytails.

But mine only has the yarn ones.

The ponytails, like the eyes, pop in and out.

She also came with extra 'sleep eyes,but I don't have those either.
This seems to be the first,or 'basic' Chiffon, as she's the only one that came with two sets of ponytails.There were actually two of these dolls there that day,both with their dress, but the other one had no boots.

The plastic decorations on her dress also pop on and off.

  Cutie pops have the same spindly arms and skinny legs with jointed knees and tiny feet as LaDee Da dolls,even though Cutie Pops are by Jada Toys and La Dee Das are by Spin Master.

But somehow they don't seems as weak limbed.

Oops! I was using her Goodwill price sticker to hold her lose skirt trim up.Looks like it fell down! By the way, the dolls were marked about 3 different prices, but they were supposed to be $1 each, and that's what I was charged. Plus I get the over 55 discount now!

Tomorrow we'll see another Cutie Pops doll from the haul.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #142:High School Musical Gabriella Dolls

  Today's dolls from the Goodwill hauls are these two High School Musical Gabriella dolls.

The taller one is the standard 11 1/2",but the other one is only 10" tall.

The taller one is High School Musical Gabriella.

She has a purple streak in her hair.

And she has the larger, flat feet some of the Barbies,like the Cali Girl dolls,had.

She was barefoot, but wearing her original dress. It has lace trim along the hemline.

The shorter one is High School Musical 3 Graduation Gabriella.

She's wearing her original dress and shoes.

I only noticed she had a chunk of hair chopped out of the front when I had her home. I need glasses I can wear all the time! (My glasses are for far away, or very close up. For most of life and regular distances, I don't need glasses. That means I can't wear them all the time. It's a pain.)

She's older than the taller version, so I guess that's why she's wearing more makeup.

Her dress has some lace trim too. Her shoes fit Skipper,since she has the Skipper body.She has had a hair cut, but she was worth the dollar,(minus my over 55 discount),for her dress and shoes.

 I do like both Gabriella dolls. They're very pretty.

But here's a question for you: why did the High School Musical dolls get shorter as time went on?

Were the kids shrinking? I can see if they maybe started out short and got taller as they were supposed to be getting older. But this makes no sense at all.

There was another naked Gabriella in the tubs of dolls,a short one. I didn't buy her, but I did buy another doll that was wearing her shirt.The bag of doll clothes I bought contained High School Musical Troy's sweatsuit and sweat band,but the doll was nowhere to be seen.

My kids never watched High School Musical. Emma was a bit old for it,Fuzz couldn't have cared less,and Ivy,who was the right age for it and had friends who liked it, refused to watch it because it was so popular. (That's my kid. Takes after me.)
Tomorrow we'll see another haul doll. See you then.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #141: Grow and Style Rapunzel and Her Friend Classic Rapunzel

  Today's doll from the (Goodwill) haul is Grow and Style Rapunzel.

She's from 2007.

She's smallish doll. She seems smaller than her 11".

She's smaller than her 'twin', the Disney Store Classic Rapunzel,which I got at the same time.

Disney Store girl was naked, so she's being a little shy. She could do a Lady Godiva with all that hair.

I like the faces on all the Rapunzel dolls. they're all pretty. But I prefer the  more cartoony big eyed and freckled version.
The Disney Store Classic Rapunzel has the graceful articulated Disney Store arms. 

Unfortunately she also has those lame,rubbery Disney Store legs.

Grow and Style Rapunzel has her original dress and shoes,which got a bit dirty when I posed her in the dry dirt and leaves.

 The dust even staticked to her legs.

The fact the she comes wearing shoes is different from the character in the movie,who was always barefoot.
 She gets her name from the piece of 'growing' hair in the top of her head.

It grows and retracts like the cord on my mother's old vacuum cleaner.When it's pulled out it grows,and to retract it you pull it out more and let go.

 It's such a miniscule amount compared to the total hair she has, there's kind of not much point.

Tomorrow we'll look at another couple of Haul dolls.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #140:Shrunken Saturday:Tiny Teens Beau Time

  It's Shrunken Saturday, so we're taking a break from the massive Goodwill haul to see a mini doll. Today's doll is Beau Time.

Beau Time is a Tiny Teens doll, made by Uneeda in 1967.(You may have seen another Tiny Teens doll, Shower Time,here on the blog during the last Doll-A-Day year. If not, you can see her HERE.)

This is her original dress,plus she has her undies. No shoes though.
Uneeda used the name 'Tiny Teens' for at least three lines of dolls,all totally different.

The earliest Uneeda 'Tiny Teens' dolls were 10 1/2" dolls similar to Little Miss Revlon.

Next came the Tiny Teens like our girl today,which are about 5" tall.

Lastly, in the '70's there was an 8" line called 'Tiny Teens'.

Tiny Teens are jointed at the neck,shoulders,and hips.

The head is ball jointed, so it's able to be tilted,as well as turned.

I love this staircase, but I've only used it for doll photos one other time.(You can see that one HERE.) It was actually a piece that came with two Matrix figures.

It's so formal,and small. It was hard to find a doll that suited it.

She has trouble standing up even with something to lean on though,(Must be the tippy toe feet.),so it made it hard to pose her on the stairs.

The curly haired Tiny Teens hair can be a bit crispy. The straight haired ones have smooth hair though.

Here she is with two other Tiny Teens, including the one you've seen before, Shower Time.

The girl on the left seems to be Party Time. She has her pink hair band, which is grosgrain and resembles Tutti hair ribbons.

I also have this girl,who is slightly different from the others.

Her head is a bit bigger and her arms are a bit different. She's marked U.D. Co,(Uneeda Doll Company).

Anybody know anything bout this difference? UPDATE:See the link in the comments, provided by a thoughtful reader.

Tomorrow we're back to the Goodwill haul dolls.