Sunday, December 10, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #344: Shrunken Saturday:Dolly Darlings John

  The worst shopping day ever. It was bad enough that Ivy wanted taken to Emma's by 5:30,instead of 5, like she told me the other day. That wasn't going to leave me much time to do the things I planned to do. I was going to drop her off, go on the other 20 minutes to some stores I needed to do some quick Christmas shopping at,and then come home and rearrange things in the living room to make room for the tree. As it turned out,I missed shopping at two of the places I needed to get to most. that was because most of my evening, and my night, was taken up with car trouble. The car kept over heating,in spite of the new radiator we got recently, and the almost whole jug of antifreeze/coolant I put in. By the time I got where I was going I was too late to shop at one place because it closed before I finished at Hallmark, and the other closed before I finished with another place. Then what should have taken me about20 minutes--getting back to Emma's--- took me almost an hour and a half, because the car kept getting hot after only 2 to 5 minutes of driving, and taking longer to cool down. In the end Emma had to take us home. Now Ken and I have to go back tomorrow evening after he gets off work and try to get the car home somehow.
  Anyway! Today's Shrunken Saturday doll is this little guy.

His name is John.

This is much bigger than life size,so his rough face shows up.

He's a Dolly Darling.

The Dolly Darlings were a series of tiny dolls made by Hasbro.

He's wearing a Bratz Babies shirt. The other stuff is a mystery,but he was naked. I was lucky to find anything that fit him,because he's tiny.

I've read that they are 4 1/2" tall, but I measured John at 4".

John is from a line called the 'Hatbox Dolls',because they came in round 'hat boxes',with clear plastic lids.

His hair has streaky detailing.
John was the only Dolly Darlings male doll.

He was available in 1965.

He came wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a red tie, a blue and white checked sports coat with a crest on the breast pocket,and blue shorts. His blue knee socks and brown shoes are painted on.
"Hello. My name is John. Who are you?"

He was called John and his Pets.
Nothing but sniffing from the rabbit. But John edges closer,being careful not to scare him.
 He came with two dogs, two cats, a yellow duck, a can of cat food, four pieces of white fencing, and a pretend book called  'How to Teach Cats'. Pretend is right! You can't teach cats! (That's not true. Our cat Mow has been taught not to climb on the table,and he's very good about it.)

"Please don't be scared.I like animals."

The rabbit comes further out of the gate. John stands very still.
The other Dolly Darlings were released later with rooted hair,but not John. 

Finally John is able to get very close. He stands still so the rabbit can sniff hi and get to know him.

He,and some of the girls, were available as paper dolls though.

Today was our first real snowfall of the winter.

This fence decoration has yellowed terribly.I think I may have to get a Tom Sawyer doll to paint it.

That's it for this week's Shrunken Saturday. See you tomorrow for another wintery doll.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #343: Princess on Ice Cinderella

  Today's doll is nice and wintery.

She's Princess on Ice Cinderella.

She was produced in 2004

She's such a pretty doll.


With beautiful ringlets.

Her dress is very pretty too. I think they did a good job of translating the classic Disney Cinderella dress into a skating outfit.


It's a shame that such a pretty doll has to be hampered with a cloddy feature like the waist-situated skating handle.

I hate these things. You can't get regular doll clothes on dolls with this thing,and it just looks weird.Plus it moves around all over the place when you're trying to handle the doll.

Or take her picture.
There was a beautiful Olympic skater with the Kira head sculpt that had the same crappy skating handle. Love her. Hate the handle.

I guess kids like it, because they keep making these things,

You'll notice that this girl is missing the blades from her skates.

If you've had any of these skates you'll know that they open up for putting on and taking off. You'll also know that every time you open them, the blades fall out! It was actually handier to not have them on though, because otherwise she would have had an even harder time standing up on our glass patio table, which is doing a pretty good job passing as ice.


Ok,except there is a tree growing out of the middle of the pond. Ok. But how else was she going to stand up on that glass table in a skating pose? That tree is there for a reason!

She also came with an extra dress and a  pair of pink fur boots with blue fur trim. The boots didn't have soles.They were all furry. They didn't really look like boots,more like the kind of big hairy cozy slippers you wear around the house. I got her second hand,so I don't have the dress,which was kind of ugly anyway. But I do have the boots,although I'm not sure I got them when I got her.


That's it for today

Tomorrow is Shrunken Saturday. We'll see you then for a mini doll.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #342:Allied Eastern Doll on Skates

  Today's doll is another I came across recently, that I had forgotten all about.

She's this lady...girl?
She looks surprised at my uncertainty.

She's an Allied Eastern doll

That's what the 'AE' is for.

She is about 14 inches tall.

She is wearing white pants and a white shirt, along with a jacket, which I thought made her look more appropriate for today's weather:It snowed.

Big fluffy flakes were coming down and making something of an attempt to stick to things. It didn't last though. But when I came across this girl again today I thought,"Ha! Yes! This doll is wearing ice skates! She's perfect for winter!" Uhh...

Not so much.

I knew the wheels were down in the tub I got her out of,somewhere,but I couldn't find them.I gave up looking because I had so much to do that I really didn't want to completely unload and reload the whole tub again. I know they're there,so I'll reunite skates and wheels later. I was losing light and wanted to get my pictures taken. Then after I took the pictures and was thinking about the wheels again, I thought I also vaguely remember her having a white beret too.Bleh.

Other than the skates her outfit makes me feel she should be hanging out at the yacht club.

She has green sleep eyes.


So there we are. Tomorrow we'll look at another doll.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #341: Gerber Baby

  Today's doll is also in cozy pajamas.

She's the Gerber Baby.

Gerber began using the Baby in 1928.

Thank you Tag. You saved me a lot of typing.
The Gerber Baby is one of the most familiar advertising faces of the 20th century.

This doll was made by the Atlanta Novelty company in 1979.

This Gerber Baby is 12" tall.

She has She has that twirly Gerber Baby hair.


She also has something special about her too.

She has flirty eyes!

A lot of people are creeped out by them, but I actually like flirty eye dolls. Not only can they look to either side and show a lot of personality...

... but they have the odd quirky habit of going googly eyed or cross eyed without warning.

Like this angry kid I found on Ebay.

This little girl was in an auction box I got a while back. She's wearing her original pajamas.

 And she has her bottle.

She had a hand written tag on her that claimed she had her 'complete set'. In researching her I see that she originally came as a single doll, in various clothing,or as a boxed set, which included doll, extra dress and a set of knitted booties, Wicker bed with mattress,and a Gerber Baby spoon.

Ivy got a free Gerber baby spoon with her named engraved on it when she was born, in spite of the fact that I fed my kids almost exclusively with Earth's Best baby food.

So what the deal is with all this extra stuff, I'm not sure.

I did see one doll with the serving dish.

It's Gerber food boxes, but is it official Gerber Baby doll stuff?

Tomorrow we'll look at another doll. Whether it is wintery or Christmassy is yet to be seen. I had so many I wanted to cover before the year was out.